when I was a kid I accidentally saw my brother’s ex mother in law naked and she smiled and winked at me

my mom took off that day and my brother’s girl at that time decided to babysit me, she lived with her mom and her other sisters.

that night they were in the kitchen getting stuff ready while her mom when to take a shower and I stood in the living room watching tv.

her bedroom was a short hallway down the living room and as she got out of the shower she when in to get dress. as she was doing this she was long distant gossiping with her daughters who were again in the kitchen getting dinner ready.

in one instant she said something but one of her daughters could not hear her. so still undressed she leaned out the doorway and repeats herself. I then accidentally looked her direction and notice she was naked with one her boob’s busting out the side. she then winks and smiles at me

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