Please reply to this guys.

So.. i have these 2 friends of mine *girls* lets call one girl no 1 and the other one girl no. 2. and let me tell you that i am also a girl.. so we guys are in a squad consisting of 9 people *including myself and them* now those 2 are best friends alright.. and the thing is that i have a good connection with girl number 1. Like we guys joke around, tell each other puns, cheesy pickup lines and other stuff.. now i just do it cause i believe she is a cheesy person and i myself am also a cheesy person.. but heres the thing.. girl number 2 really starts to ignore me whenever i finish talking to her best friend which is girl number 1. And at first i thought it was jealousy but nope. Other people from my squad talk to her too and she has no mood swing or ignore ways for them but yet for me she becomes this weird person who ignores me. And heres the thing. I have a fine connection with girl no 2. We sing old songs together, talk about movies and constantly laugh here and there. We also sit together in school on the same bench. All is good with her and me but once i start talking to girl no 1. She starts to ignore me and other shit.. why do i have a feeling that she likes me but wants to keep it a secret?.. i also saw her making a heart and writing my name on it. *atleast i thought it was my name cause my initial is N and she wrote N with a heart* and there is no guy that i know of whose her friend or her crush who has the initial N. Also.. we guys are in a squad so if some girl has a crush on some guy it will obvio come out.. but over here i wonder what if she likes me but wants to ignore me just to see my reaction? Also i feel like girl no 2 *her best friend* likes me and has told her about it.. and she also likes me but she doesnt wanna break her bestfriends heart hence she keeps it as a secret? Guys i really need advice on this. I will willingly read all the advices i get with a open mind.

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  1. I think you are guessing too many things here. You are guessing the initial N is you, you are guessing the girls like you, etc. While it maybe possible that your guesses could be correct, but i think it is best not to jump the gun with relatively little information. A single moment of misunderstanding is so poisonous that it makes everyone forget the hundred lovable moments spent together within a minute. Maybe you should ask Girl No 2 why is she acting weirdly the next time she ignores you. Just tell her that you value your friendship with her and wish to know why is she acting that way. Hope this helps.

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