My moms dating someone 2 years older then me

So my mother who’s 40 is dating someone who I used to be friends with, someone I went to high school with. Someone who’s only 20. Someone I knew personally. I am beyond uncomfortable. Worst part is she kept it hidden and lied about it when everyone already knew.

My mother met her through work, they work at a day care. My old friend, let’s call her C. Well C at the time back in October had a girlfriend. But C had a crush on my mom and told her. And my mother said she didn’t like girls. But move to December/January C and her girlfriend broke up. Maybe you can guess but it’s because of my mother no matter how much she denies it and makes excuses. And then what happens we move in with C.

A little backstory though my mother and me and my 5 year old sister lived with my grandmother. I’m about to turn 18 but for my whole life we lived with my grandmother until recently.

So we moved in with C after her girlfriend moved out. It sounds so f**ked up. MY MOTHER SLEPT IN THE SAME BED WITH C EVER SINCE WE FIRST MOVED! When at our old house she slept with B because there was sent enough room? So suspicious that now she wants to sleep with C?

Fast forward a few more months and I start having feelings for C. And I am certain her and my mom are a thing but I can’t help it so I confront my mom telling her this would be the time to tell me the truth since I’m starting to like her. She completely ignores and moved past the whole conversation.

It’s mid June now and I am fed up with how I was being treated (another story) and I start packing up my stuff and my mother walks in and starts crying (does this any time I try to leave, this is important) and we get in this big argument. And finally she confesses she “fell in love with her best friend.” This is mean but she “fell in love” with the first person who gave her attention. And she tells me they’ve been together since April. And I asked probably every couple of days hoping she’d tell me the truth cause she lied so much at the time. And they might have been together since April but they were a thing before even then. So she’s crying telling me she can’t help it and all this stuff and I have to admit that I am disturbed and uncomfortable. In the end I don’t move out but I am still unhappy.

It is now Late July and my mother is now so self absorbed. Not caring about anything but her life. My cousins tell me she’s going through a mid life crisis. She only cares about C and C’s family. And to be honest I don’t know what C sees in my mother cause she treats her somewhat badly. I told her I’m saving up money to move out and remember how I said she always will start crying if I suggest that. Well she just looked me in the eye and said go ahead have fun. I have so much that I’m going through right now (another story) and she does not give a damn whatsoever. All she cares about is C and that’s it. She finally came out and admited it to people finally after making me lie for her for a month. She still hasn’t told my younger sister though. But I am still uncomfortable and disturbed and if I bring that up at any time she automatically goes and says your just not happy that I’m happy which is bullshit! And I am fed up with her (a lot more happened besides this) and I don’t know what to do anymore I’m just so frustrated!

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