my mom is a teacher in the same school

i am a teachers kid and it isnt always a good thing ..i normally used to get good grades…but recently my grades started dropping….just a little bit.not like im failing. thing is most of the teachers in my school knows me.. and also for 10th boards i was one among the toppers…and like right now seein my marks drop the teacher they go to my mom tell them my marks and says her that im not studying like i used to …specially my class teacher who has been teaching me physics for thee past three years goes and tells my mom that i should stop going for handball and other cocurricular activities and just focus on studies alone…after this my mom would come and start scolding me….the main thing is im most of the tive scilent in front of teachers cuz i dont want them to talk anything bad abt me and im always extra conscious abt everything that i do in school,,,so they think that im more of a nerd and becuz of this many of them like me…….while in reality i have like all the diff type of friends ,,nerds the troublemakers ,,,evry sort of them and i get marks by studying my ass off 1 day brfore the exam. now im in 12th grade and it is not that easy to score marks by just styding 1 day before ..i have realized it scince our first term exam is going on right now,…….the things that teachers talking behind my back is increasingly making me more and more self conscious and my confidence level is also decreasing bit by bit…..the only reason i could find to keep on tolerating s by convincing myself that i hardly have only about 6 or 7 months left to leave this crappy school,……

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