I want them to leave me alone

So, a while ago I got very drunk at a house party and I was in a very bad state. I feel so guilty about it and I wish so much that it didn’t happen. I had friends who tried to help, but when I was in a bad state, they called my parents to pick me up. Naturally, my parents were worried and asked what was happening and if it was so bad could they call an ambulance. They refused, my friend’s mum saying I wasn’t their responsibility and I wasn’t their problem. This really upset my parents who, when they arrived, found my friends had taken me out of the house in cold winter so I could be taken away as soon as possible. As much as I appreciate what they tried to do, they really upset my family by not explaining to them what was happening when they called and saying I was my family’s problem, when we have been friends for 7 years. I have distanced myself from them, and told them I needed space. However, they are bombarding me with messages, saying I’m throwing their help in their faces, even though I messaged the next day to say thank you but I need some space, and have said they suffered abuse from my parents because they wanted to know what was happening and got upset when nobody told them. I am ignoring them but I don’t understand why they keep hassling me. I know I shouldn’t have been in that state, but I would never say to someone’s family that their child isn’t my responsibility – I have always tried to be a good friend but I wish they would leave me alone. I am also dealing with my mother’s recent cancer diagnosis, and I’ve been told she won’t be cured, which makes me feel worse for having been in that state. My father is quite old, too, and I’m scared for the future, and I don’t need them on top of me, when I have good friends from uni who have supported me through everything, and a boyfriend who is so caring. I just want this to all go away.

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