i think i might be a sociopath

i’m a 16 yo girl and well i don’t know.. i don’t really feel empathy or anything, i just act how i’m taught is right.. i live in a christian family and i think i have good manners.. but that’s not it, doesn’t feel right. i rarely ever feel bad for doing anything.. i am a very loyal friend and people often open up to me because i’m usually quiet and always tell me that i give good advices, but that is only because i see everything objectively and i can predict how different people react in different situations. i just don’t want to hurt anyone and i have a few friends who mean very much to me and a boyfriend i’ve been dating for over a year now. it isn’t like i can’t love, it’s just that i don’t ever feel guilt and i notice it hurts people i care about. please tell me what to do

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  1. if it hurts people you should just tell them what’s going on and explain it to them.
    I’m sure you’re not a bad person and you want to feel things but you can’t and it’s not your fault it shouldn’t be held against you

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