I feel a weird rush when i touch a toy

Recently, I saw the new Toy Story 4 movie and as such, tons of merch was released. My family and I all went to the mall for my birthday. I was looking to get the signature collection Woody doll but everyone was in a rush, I guess. Plus, I didn’t have enough to get the Woody I wanted but I randomly chose one out of the bunch. I ended up with a normal talking Woody. I now have him up on the couch that I also sleep on with my other stuffed animals. Ever since the day I got him, I’ve been watching to see if he moves or changes expressions and the thought of him doing so makes me weirdly excited. I only ever give him attention when my mom isn’t around, though. Whenever she goes out somewhere or to the bathroom, I hold him or kiss him or simply just touch his face, and it makes my heart beat faster and I feel slightly dizzy. Even when I look at him, I feel some sort of sickly nostalgia, despite not being born when the original movie came out. It doesn’t help that I have a crush on him in the movies…

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