Friends with Benefits?!

So three days ago I was talking to a good friend that I’ve known for almost 5 years. Were gonna call him Milo. We started talking about kinks and fetishes, and it got pretty inetense. He proposed we should start being friends with benefits so I said sure. After hours of talking, we start sexting for real and it was really good actually and then he sent videos and it was all nice until it was cleanup time. I leave to wash off and come back to the phone to find that he has said that he doesn’t think it is a good idea anymore, and that he is trying to be a better Christian, and also that he likes a girl and is gonna try to talk to her. Since we are really good friends I say that it’s fine and that I will support him through whatever he decides to do, but also that I’m down if he ever changed his mind. And then today I was texting my friend who I’ve known for like half a year now (but we are still really good friends, and we gonna call him Lance), and he asks me if I wanted to be friends with benefits with him. This time I say no because I just dont know him enough to trust him with EVERYTHING, Yaknow? And so he’s like yeah that’s fine and we are back to being normal friends. BUT THEN like an hour ago my best friend calls me and tells me that a girl (calling her Amy) told her that Milo (boy #1) almost raped Amy in her sleep, and that he plays around with lots of other girls. TBH I don’t care if he plays around with other girls, it’s not really my business. The almost-rape is a big deal IF it was true. I know Milo, and I REEEEEAALLYYY don’t think he would do that so I’m just a rollercoaster of emotions right now. And I’m on a website ranting about it so yeah there you go. If you read this, I’m sorry? XD I hope you have a good day though.

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