For young girls in love with their teachers

Crush on a teacher! That’s something I thought I would never thought, but I did. I started going to a famous coaching institution for preparing medical entrance. There was this hype about my Chemistry teacher. I thought initially he was very arrogant and I was scared of him. But then suddenly he started throwing hints at me, I was confused, because this I had never experienced earlier and seemed scary. But all my batchmates were crazy for him. He taught really well, he had huge concepts and I went for doubt clearing sessions also, I was good at chemistry and developed a subtle crush. But I was in so much pressure of academics and so much to study, I never took anything seriously or allow any kind of emotional attachments. I knew these emotions would harm me, because I clearly was matured enough to understand that he did the same things with other girls. He just flirted and knew that girls are vulnerable at that age. I kept preoccupied with studies and slowly my crush faded. I cleared my entrance and now living my dream.
But I knew many girls who were so serious about him. The purpose of me telling this story is, girls stay aware of such people who just take advantage of your vulnerable teenag and immaturity. Don’t get lured. Always remember, keep your eyes open and take suggestions from someone matured. These things can ultimately ruin ur career and stay as a guilt. Prioritise yourself always!

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