I (f15) used to shoplift and now I regret it so much. I got caught once and it scarred me. The memories and feelings of that day keeps on coming back to haunt me. I feel so guilty and have a mental breakdown plus crying non-stop when I remember it. What can I do? Help

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  1. Hey I’m a female of around the same age (14). I used to steal and I haven’t been doing it for about 6 months now. But in your situation the best thing to do it to tell someone and then move on. Bottling up feelings like that isn’t healthy at all. The good thing is, is that you aren’t proud of it, and you feel sorry for what you’ve done. I would tell a parent that you stole and why you did it (as of frustration maybe?) that’s what I did and I feel so much better than before. Just know that lots of people have done it as teenagers and they aren’t proud of it. (Not saying we should normalize shoplifting). And if you’re afraid to tell your parent out of fear of getting in trouble, I would confide in a close friend. And if you feel uncomfortable sharing with parents, friends, or basically anyone else, I would try a counselor/therapist. They are there to have a productive conversation to help better yourself, not judge you. But the important part is to emphasize the fact that you regret the deshicimos you made in the past and that it will never happen again. I really hope you get through this and become happier!

  2. I used to too! Today I wrote a confession on my shame. We all feel it. It’s a moral emotion- one of the most important in fact.
    Just stay with it for an hour. Let it creep but not destroy your GLOBAL SELF. You have to allow yourself to feel the guilt but not allow yourself to tell yourself that you are A BAD PERSON OVERALL.
    When you are able to do that- you might begin to even think of reasons that prompted you to engage in that act. For me, it actually and surprisingly came from the notion that I had to be a ‘good girl’. Yes! I stole when I lost things or needed them but ‘THOUGHT’ asking my family is wrong (we were not even poor) because I am such a good girl.
    Believe me, write it down- all that reflective stuff and you’ll begin to empathize with yourself.
    I can’t say the guilt would go away because I personally don’t think it does. We just learn to redefine it and own it.

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