Lied to my job

I have a very stressful job and I lied about my grandma being at a hospital and that I had a family emergency because I couldn’t stand going to work today and calling off an hour before going is looked down on. I don’t lie very often but I really feel guilty for doing so this time but man I’ve gotten to the point where I’m literally my works slave never saying no to extra hours and 12+ hour shifts and going in on days I have off and I can’t take it anymore I almost just walked out yesterday and that’s not like me to do. So yea here I am confessing because guilt is eating me away.

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  1. Every job should have a reasonable way for someone to take a day if they need to for whatever reason. My boss tells us that if we need a day off just say so, assuming we don’t abuse the situation. And of course we have to make up work when we return. If a job has no way of easily taking a day off every once in a while when life intrudes, then my opinion is that you were justified in creating that opportunity for yourself. I might disagree on your excuse, I never like to use someones health in a situation like that, because if my grandmother did become ill shortly after I might feel responsible 🙂 bad karma etc

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