I am jealous of my friends’ success

I am jealous of my friends’ success. Their successes are making me feel bad about my accomplishment. I am not saying that I want them to fail, but just that hearing them talking about their success stories make me proud of them and envious at the same time. I am not proud of my behavior here, but I can’t help it. When my colleague received very good reviews from the bosses, I was really jealous. I want to get good reviews too. I want to be recognized as well. But deep down in my heart, i know i am not as capable as him. He deserved it much more than me. I guess I am just full of jealousy and envy towards successful people. I am just a horrible person!

2 Replies to “I am jealous of my friends’ success

  1. Don’t be ..
    I’m sure that you’re better than you think!
    You just need to work a little bit more than usual and true me…you will be recognized as them

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