In Love With a Married Woman More Than Twice My Age

I’m in love with a woman more than twice my age, and friends with her kids. Like, wth do I do?? I know and am friendly with everyone in her household but her husband, and I’ve scouted every bit of her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. It started off as a small crush I just couldn’t get rid of, but night after night I find myself sitting awake thinking of her brilliant smile and the lovely smell of her perfume. I’m obsessed with the way she walks, talks, and hell, even the way her hair falls on her face and shoulders. Her kids are bound to find out when I keep appearing to their mother’s work just to talk on her break. It’s been a year and two months now, and I just can’t get this woman out of my head. The problem is, she actually likes me and considers my sad young ass a friend. I’m just scared for when it comes out.
Yet another night spent holding my pillow wishing it was her in my arms.

And what kills me is her husband is a straight up hunk with cash. Fml.

2 Replies to “In Love With a Married Woman More Than Twice My Age

  1. I know how you feel.
    I can’t offer any advice as I’m struggling with my situation too and I have no idea what I’m going to do.
    Just letting you know you aren’t alone

  2. I’ve experienced quite similar situation, except I was in love with a married man twice my age (I’m a girl, 21). It’s a very weird feeling, but it’s real, I was very attracted to him. He often came to my dreams, and I often imagined making out with him. I mean, I just wanna say that I know how it feels 🙁

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