I’m Falling, Help!!

I think I’m starting to develop feelings for my friend’s mom. I always try and pretend it’s not there, and go out of my way to avoid this woman, but she always appears at the worst times!! She walks around the house practically half naked, and expects me NOT to be alarmed when she walks in the room wearing nothing but a robe! And oh god, she’s so NICE! And genuinely laughs at my dumb jokes! I’m trying SO HARD to ignore my weird feelings because I respect and love my friend to bits, but why does her mom have to be so nice and awkward and join in on every conversation?? HELP! If my friend finds out, I’m dead!!

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  1. You’ve tried your best to avoid her, but maybe its time for a little bit more. For one thing, talk to your friend and say that you don’t feel it is appropriate for their mom to walk about the house naked like that when she knows you are there. Just tell your friend you find it uncomfortable and leave it at that.

    Next, try to avoid going over to your friend’s house. You only seem to meet her there, so if you avoid that place, then you are fine.

    Finally, try writing out your feelings in a letter (don’t send) and try to figure out what you like about her and then try to find it someone else (ex you mention her laughing at your jokes, so finds a girl with a similar sense of humor)

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