I’m a thief basically.

So I’m a 14 year old girl in high school (freshman). I feel like I’m addicted to stealing. I’ve been shoplifting stuff since a really young age (like from age 7). Except it wasn’t very often. Like I would want something but my mom wouldn’t get it so I’d just take it. But recently I’ve just stole because I actually like it. Besides the little free gifts I get, I thoroughly enjoy the act of stealing itself. It feel thrilling and exciting. But recently I’ve realized that this has become sort of a problem. I used to just take skittles lol. But now I’ve been taking everything. And besides stealing from stores, I’ve been taking from people. I’ve took very many things from my dads girlfriend consisting of face wash and jewelry. I’ve took money from my brother. I randomly found a vape in my sisters room and I just wanted it so I have that too. I’ve also been taking things from girls lockers when they are practicing and my high school. And I have multiple peoples locker combinations (from watching neighbors lockers and also people write it down). I’m not the type of person who wears jewelry. But that’s a lot of what I take. I’m actually tomboyish- and I never wear makeup at all. I’ve been trying to quit for months now, and I was doing good until recently. I was on a good streak of not stealing for about 3 weeks. And I was just walking down the hallways of my high school. And I was leaving class and walking to my next one when I saw this guy who had a really expensive looking chain on the side of his backpack. Naturally I really wanted it, so I passed by him, kind of “bumping” into him, and swiped it and held it in my sleeve. And when I got to class I put it in my bra (to hide it) and the boy apparently reported me to the office and the checked me but couldn’t find a thing. He just told them I was “suspicious” or something. But I’m feeling really guilty about taking it, and it is extremely expensive looking. And I just really, really want to quit. I’m not really poor or anything, but my moms a little low on money, and my dad won’t get me anything unless I work for it. So being the stupid white high school girl I am, I’ve been stealing basically everything. I think I would be labeled as a thief and it makes me sick to my stomach.

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