I’m a sinner

Blessed me father for I have sinned, I want to say that I disrespected my parents, siblings, and brother-in-law. There are times that I have so much hate because I get jealous and there are times that I lose my control and say negative things. I want to forgive the damage words that I said. I also want to ask for forgiveness for the people I worked with who fired me and made me look like a fool to lose my job. You can never be innocent at your job and be honest because people with stronger personality always wins. I worked at a school and I was doing my job correctly, but I was bullied and I was recorded with the people I worked with made me look bad in front of the administrators. I ended up in the clinical office because I got hurt. I was so confused and lost I was just trying to learn as a new person. No one gave me a chance to work, no one believed me, and no one helped me that I know of. People spoke bad about me because I did not know how the system works. Instead of helping me how the system works, I was kicked out of my job. I am praying to god that I want bad things to happen to them but I did wrong of saying that. I did a little black magic which I have never done in my life to see how it works and I do not know if it did work but I stopped because I know what I was doing was wrong. I pray to my lord/god to forgive me for what I have done. I am was praying for what I done. I was angry, I was frustrated, and I was hurt. I never knew what revenge is like. I am a sinner for that too. I also want to forgive for another sin that I did, I was a bully online as well writing horrible reviews on people online like rate my professors and doctors too who gave me bad experience and did not want to bother in helping me or my mother. I want to forget what I did I know what I did was wrong. For a moment I thought i felt good but now I know what I did was wrong. I wrote forgiveness on another reviews to the reviews I wrote to show god that I am sorry of what I did. I also, want to forgive of stocking a boy I like online, he owns his business with his family and I never wanted to disrespect him or his family. I want to forgive my self of following online and writing crazy reviews about him. I lose control when I fall in love with a guy that I think he is good for me but instead I think i scared him away. I going to try to stop following him online. I want my god, lord and priest to forgive my sins. My sister gave me so much good advise about being good to your enemy and that is what I am doing. I am praying for those who hurt me and those who could of helped me. Just by writing these confessions I feel much better. I know what I did was wrong. Please heavenly father bless me for what I have done and bless me for my forgiveness. My mind has changed a lot now. I am able to open my heart and mind to my god/lord and I feel much better.

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