I am in the wrong

I almost kissed my boyfriend’s Dad. I’ve been with my boyfriend (let’s call him Luke) nearly a year and a half. His Dad (we’ll call him Brad), has been really close with me during that time. Every time I go to Luke’s parent’s house, Brad hugs me a second too long, and holds me a little too tight. It’s not much to go on but it’s enough that we are both aware of a kind of tension. We have prolonged periods of eye contact and sometimes he comes up behind me and massages my shoulders or plays with my hair. It seems so obvious to me because I’m the recipient of these affections, but he kind of plays it off as a father-daughter affection to everybody else in the household. The moment I knew it went too far was when I dropped into their home to pick something up, and Brad was the only one home. He gave me a hug at the door like always but this time I looked at his face for a while. We were so close to kissing I could feel his breath. I had the will power to pull away thankfully. I picked up the bag I was there for and quickly left. I have to cut myself off from this family, they don’t deserve it.

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