Help me

Help me
I cheated my girlfriend with my ex girlfriend. Both of them are in love with me. And idk why i made out with my ex. Its just i feel guilty and fucked up. Now I’m breaking up with my girlfriend Because I’m a terrible person and I don’t wanna hurt her more. I think if I’d tell her about me and my ex making out it’d break her. And i don’t want that. I’ve beaten up myself for cheating her. And i wanna die because of this guilt idk what to do if just make both of them happy. Or just leave both and be alone. I know I’m As*h*le. I just need help i just don’t wanna hurt anyone. Since both are emotionally weak. Please someone help me.

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  1. Hi
    I personally feel like you should have told her about the cheating ,I know that you said it’d break her but she deserves to know the truth.
    And I feel like if you and your ex are happy together and feel good when you’re around each over and that she was worth being the girl you cheated with that you should get back together..
    You shouldn’t always carry the guilt like what’s done is done ,yes you made a mistake and you should learn from it but now you should to what’s best for you and do what is right for yourself and not thinking about other people’s feelings.

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