Gender Identity

I am almost 13 years old. I am trying to figure out my gender identity. I think that I’m trans (ftm) because I don’t feel like myself in my own body but I don’t want to be a boy I just want to feel masculine. I also have already come out as trans to my parents and a few good friends, I know my parents will understand but I don’t want my friends to think that I’m obsessed with this. I feel guilty about not expressing how I feel.
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P.S. sorry this is so long.

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  1. I understand how are you feeling! I’ve been exactly your age when I started questioning my gender identity (ftm as well; fessed up as being trans to my close people) and have been doing so for years.

    It’s really confusing, hard to decide and often requires you to have specified doctors to discuss being possibly trans and go through tests to get a true diagnosis. You can explore the idea of looking masculine or building your body to be more masculine or present it as such.

    It’s okay to explore identities! Sometimes we think one at one day, sometimes we might know for sure we are this or that. I’m literally 20 and still doubtful of being trans, like being masculine or presenting myself like a man — but fuck, sometimes I just have moments were I feel okay being a biological woman. Just sometimes … So, It’s hard to tell whether I am really trans, or just hated the idea of being a biological woman and hoped I looked far more manly than I really am now.

    Like I said before — Feel free to explore identities, how you want to present yourself and how you want people to address you! IF (I mean, IF) you ever reconsider your identity as being trans, you shouldn’t ever feel bad about it because It’s part of the discovery and exploring yourself.

    If you ever, come with time discover that you’re truly trans — That’s great! Gender identities are SO confusing and It takes time to understand them yourself when you question it.

    I hope with time, you find yourself and your identity and be happy.! :))

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