Forced to strip on vacation

Years ago my boyfriend and I went on vacation to Yugoslavia. We planned to do a lot of walking. At our hotel by the sea we met another Dutch couple who had similar plans. We decided to take a local bus to a remote village and walk the 12 miles back. We had good maps and were experienced walkers. At 8am we all met for the bus. The weather was hot so we were all dressed in teeshirts and shorts. Everything went well until we began to walk along a road down through forest. A car passed then stopped in front of us. 4 men and a woman got out. The men had sticks and knifes and it didn’t look good. We agreed among ourselves to cooperate no matter what. We feared for our lifes. They spoke no English but quickly took our watches and went through our daysacks. We didn’t actually have very much, just enough money for emergencies which they found. Then two of the men grabbed the Dutch woman and myself by our hair and dragged us 10yards away. One tugged at her teeshirt and the other pointed to my shorts making it obvious they wanted us to remove them. After a few protests from us and threats from the men we agreed we would do as they said. She took off her teeshirt and I my shorts. They gestured for more so we ended up in bra and panties. The woman just stood smiling at us. Then more gestures which made it clear we were to strip naked. We complied. Then the two men started walking round us taking a good close look. It was deeply embarassing! There was a lot of joking and laughing with taunts to our male companions, who were guarded by the other 2 men, but we didn’t understand any of it. One man touched my breast. As I pulled away the woman seemed to get angry with him. At that point it looked like she would stop it going too far. Then followed intentional humilation. One man touched his toes with his feet a yard apart and it was obvious he wanted me to do the same. I was left with my exposed $%!@ in the air for 10mins. The Dutch lady was made to jog on the spot – she had large breasts. We were humiliated in various ways for about an hour. We weren’t physically hurt, but is was really frightening and embarassing. They left and we dressed. They stole little other than some jewellery and money. Oh, and the woman stole my bra and the Dutch woman’s panties.

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