Crush got married with my friend

hi, this is my first time confessing here. i didn’t realise this website exist for people to confess anonymously.

Here the story. I got an invitation from my friend for her wedding next saturday. Never know she was dating him all this while. Until today. I feel happy for them but at the same time feeling sad. I got used keeping this ‘one-side love’ feeling by myself. I got used seeing all my crush had someone else. Im afraid to confess because of my image. I don’t have confidence and im not ready to have any commitment in relationship. That’s why I got used to seeing them being with others. I had rather be their friends than having more than that. Hang out, make them happy. I keep believe people who approached me attracted to my unique personality. That’s what I used to hear my friends told me.

Love story like in novel or movies are just a fantasy for me to distract from reality. And I enjoy it. I keep wondering how my love story gonna be. At some point im tired thinking about this. This scenario keep repeating again and again. Hope I could find courage to change this. Wish me luck in facing this world.

-Miss key_chain-

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