Can you leave a partner because of his health?

When I got together with my partner, I did know he had a degenerative disease and would eventually end up on a wheelchair. But it was a distant thought.
Now it’s nearly twelve years, and the symptoms are starting to be really bad: he is an invalid. Walking has become a challenge for him. Sex is fading, probably forever.
I am not the Florence Nightingale type. I don’t have the guts to become his nurse.
But what a monster would I be, leaving an invalid—?

3 Replies to “Can you leave a partner because of his health?

  1. From the title i would definitely say no…i didn’t read the text because its pretty obvious,living someone its not about his physic…even if its hard

    1. OK, but there IS a physical side to life, it’s undeniable. What would be more acceptable, leaving him for real and sincere reasons, or cheating behind his back and pretending it’s OK to not have a sex life?

  2. He deserves someone better. Someone who will love him no matter what and take care of him. Leave him, so he can find someone better than you.

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