14 and f***** up

Hi i am 14 years old and i dont know what to do i am f***** up. I got introduced to gore content a couple years ago and honestly i dont enjoy it but just now i watched a video of 3 guys beating a homeless women and i dont feel any empathy for her when i watch this stuff my heart starts to pound but i dont feel sad or angry i just stare watching with no feeling and i hate it it has ruined my life. A couple months ago i heard my cousin died a year before and no one told me, when i was with her we always talked and were happy to be socialize anyways when i heard about her death i felt nothing no sadness and no empathy and i blame gore videos. I feel it has effected my social life as in when my friends tell jokes everyone laughs and i just sit there dead inside it makes me want to die, it also had made me hate school as usually alot of people “enjoy” school i just feels depressed i just want to stay home all day and do nothing. Anyways it is late and i just wandered on to this site because i just need to “let it out” i dont know if you can commemt but if you can please help me i wish i could be “innocent” again


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  1. I feel you. Please seek help and/or a therapist, if you don’t do it now it will get worse, there are also free online therapy websites like 7 cups

  2. Go take a legit personality test(not those on the web), like from a professional. You might be a pyschopath or sociopath.
    Could be the cause.

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