dying inside

I don’t know how this would help… but I just want to tell whoever is reading this, I’m dying inside, depression is taking it’s toll... Read more

Ex Best Friend

I had a best friend a few months ago. She started dating my brother and things got weird. We stopped being friends, but then she... Read more


DC is probably the love of my life but I’ll never know for sure. Read more

ex. hurts.

i got over him. i did. i really did. but still its been a year. today its been a year he confessed. we broke up... Read more

I don’t know.

I’ve always been a small, thin, flat girl. But lately, I’ve gotten really curvy. It made me happy, because it makes me love my body... Read more


I have a really good friend. We are super close and go to each other’s houses regularly and FaceTime and text. He is practically part... Read more

a broken heart

Continue to regret all my life for unrequited feelings, I have for a girl, right from school. I knew this wasn’t meant to be, neither... Read more