How to say this

I think i’m bisexual. In my country that’s mostly muslim, the LGBTQ+ community is shunned by public and is considered taboo, though there are no... Read more


Everyone thinks that I’m just the happiest person ever but I’m not…im depressed and I’m just really well at hiding it. Idk what to do... Read more


So me and my ex having been hooking up for the pass few months or so. It all started because I ended things with my... Read more


I’m putting this out there because I feel like I need someone to tell me if I’m right or not. There are people who have... Read more

my best friend

so my best friend and i have been friends for around a year and i half now. we’re both female. i’m really lucky to have... Read more

mr brightside

I’ve been feeling like shit since me and my boyfriend opened our relationship and T joined us. I’m so angry at both of them because... Read more

Harry Potter

I am a major Harry Potter fan. People don’t really understand this. They consider it as a nerdy, geeky thing. But they don’t really know... Read more