Priya.., it’s for you..!!

Hey Babu.. It’s me..ur Shan..!! I simply don’t know how where n in wht way i should reach out to uh..bcz a lot has been changed in these 4 years..n literally for the fact that u have some1 in ur life now..still i don’t know why bt yes..i still look out fr chances bcz even though i tried a lot to move ahead bt it simply looks impossible fr me now..dunno why i always end up thinking of our time..when we were young in love..our late night talks..those reciprocating stauses n dps. Our all future goals..everythng babu..everythng feels so fresh n it all happened yesterday..yet 4 years hv passed..n i know u will never land here on this just bcz u already hv a bf now.. I’m taking a chance here..if it’s really meant to happen..!! I miss u a lot love..if any chance happen to see this message..pls come back to me.. I’m..n will wait fr i said bck in 2013..!!
Ur happened to be Shan.

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