I often think invisible people watch me. They are usually from whatever tv show I’m into at the time and I feel like they float over my shoulder invisibly watching me. This causes me to feel severe anxiety over how they feel about me, and I often try to hide stuff I do. I feel like I’m slowly losing my grip on reality and slowly I am feeling more emotionless and losing my grip on reality due to spending more of my time in some fictional wonderland with characters. Death no longer feels bad, however I often fear I meet my invisible watcher in the afterlife and I am forced to see everything I ever did wrong. Whenever I try to tell someone about my problem ‘leaving out the fact about them being TV characters’ they always shrug it off. Should I get help due to the fact I sometimes get borderline panic attacks? I don’t know how to get them to stop, even now I feel like their watching me. Sometimes I try to interact with them but as expected, I don’t get a response. Am I just going insane?

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