I hate living here.

I’m an 18 year old girl who lives with nine other family members in a five bedroom house. But honestly I hate living here and these are all the reasons why – Firstly we have no private space, we share the kitchen, the bathrooms, basically everything except our own things and my only safe haven is my room and Secondly I’m sick of my uncle. He is lazy, fat, has no life and cannot cook for shit, and Thirdly my Aunty and her children we’re supposed to move out as we moved into the house but for some stupid reason. She decided to move back in with her four kids and I dont know why. But I hate her kids, they are rotten, annoying and eat all the food. Legit I have to keep room in my food cause they always eat out our whole house. Ugh I wish we could move that’s my confession.

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