I don’t know

People don’t know that I’m not as innocent as I seem. That I’ve been addicted to alcohol, almost went to far sexually, still have scars from where I cut myself. My clueless parents don’t know any of that. My dad is abusive, and my mom is an idiot who stays with him for money. It took me forever to be happy and stop being shy, but all that makes me who I am now and I can’t forget the past. I used to flinch away when anyone touched me, and my mom thinks she’s the only one who ever went through anything like that and always slathers everyone with her sob stories, and I’ve only ever kept it to myself and only a couple other people know about what I’ve been through. I’m glad this is anonymous it’s just been bugging me and this helped me organize my thoughts.

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  1. It’s good that you have people you can talk to about it. Sometimes it’s best that not everyone knows your story so they don’t pity you or treat you differently

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