A letter to my present self

WTFFFFF honestly wtf are you doing to us? Why are you trying to play us after all we been through? Is there no more mercy and compassion for our self? where did the fire go? the dreams of living the life of our dreams, stress free, freedom, healthy, happy, beautiful environment, beautiful children, dope ass big ass dream of ours? what happened? why aren’t we working towards that? You know to be honest you have so much potential energy you need to turn into kinetic and make a difference in the world no matter how small it is, to bring a ray of sunshine, a little bit hope into someone’s life, you do matter, you can make a difference, you can be the adult you needed when you were younger, please use your time wisely, diligently and be full of discipline, you’re smart, you can do it if you just decide to. We can set up some goals for ourselves, waking up time, things to achieve and work towards a target and a purpose, we are gods of our own little Youniverses and we need to create and do our thing instead of just bumming and enjoying other people’s creations… no pressure! I know how tough and mean and critical you can get, so breathe in and breathe out, one right step at a time, to a better today, don’t be sleeping on your level, I LOVE YOU!

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