A letter to my future self

I hope this finds you well, in a beautiful mansion surrounded by love and light, I hope you finally got your ass up and went for the things you wanted, I hope you get enough courage to believe in yourself and to understand how beautiful and honest and pure you are and of deserving every opportunity. I hope you stopped being afraid of rejection, I hope you stopped playing down your fire to nurse other people’s insecurity, I hope you are unapologetically you, loved, radiant, brilliant, sincere, true, tough, bad ass, super cool, responsible, hard working, breathtaking, generous, wise, healthy. I hope you understood you can achieve anything you set your mind to achieve, I hope you finally loved yourself because you deserve love you are love. I truly hope that you are happy with yourself, with us. PS/ I LOVE YOU, BELIVE IN YOU, APPRECIATE YOU, CARE ABOUT YOU, PLEASE KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!!!!!

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