What do i do

Ok so my half brother is in love with me and im not sure why. Im 15 and hes 26 and its kinda weird. We talk almost every day and we have a lot in common. We know basicly everything about eachother, mostly because we grew up together. Im not sure what to think.

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  1. According to the bible laws, I have no idea on loving someone way older than you are.. I think practically it really doesn’t matter who you love as long as you can love them back, and they do the same to you. I’ve heard about someone that got married to his father but I don’t think that is appropriate. I’m not here to judge but if you don’t feel the same with him, just call it off and find someone new. There’s plenty of fish out there! And also, if you are serious about this, do not get intimately involved until you’re at least 18, or whatever the legal age is. And don’t worry about what anyone says, just maintain it.

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