So, is he interested?

Our work together ends next week. As colleagues, he’s been funny, I’ve been nice when he was in trouble (I’m his senior, although he’s older in age), we’ve often spent hours on the phone at night to discuss the project and if often turned into just a nice chat between acquaintances.

At work I found he was never irritated if I invaded his personal space, got a bit too close for too long while talking or using a shared computers.

But he will be gone next week. So, last night I steered the conversation towards a common interest we have (here, too, I am a bit more of an expert).
I proposed, hoping against hope, that he comes to my place some evening next week, so we can practice a bit.
His answer: “I can’t wait”. Really. I can’t wait.

Please, especially you men: please tell me these are all signs he is interested in me.
Because I have such a crush on him, I can’t breathe.
And I’m bloody 31, not a teenager….

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  1. Hey, can’t really tell whether he is interested in you or not based on what you have written here. But the rule of thumb is not to get too desperate. I mean love has to be mutual, if you are desperately trying to impress him, you are actually putting yourself in a vulnerable position. Just be yourself, monitor and let time take its course. Don’t let your age factor affects your decision making (31 is still a good age to be honest). I wish you all the best and have fun next week! Hopefully he develops the same feeling to you too.

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