My thoughts on interracial relationships

White guy here. The first girl I hooked up with was white but I was pretty young, inexperienced, and it didn’t end well. I lived abroad in an Asian country for around 2 years and over that time I really started to find myself attracted to Asian women . This happened in my early 20’s, and I’m getting close to 30 now. Since then I have only hooked up with Asian girls and even said to some closer friends that I outright don’t want to date white girls and would prefer to date “outside” my race (I find black girls attractive too, even though I’ve never hooked up with one). I imagine most people would look at that side of me as some sort of fetish and that really makes me angry. I don’t think of it as something much more then a preference like guys who like big t*ts, ass, long hair, weight, a certain eye color, etc. I wish I could profess my preferences and be proud of them but I know if I do people will say I have “yellow fever” or “jungle fever” and look at me like I’m weird. I’m not weird I just like girls of other races, there’s nothing wrong with that!!!!

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