My Girlfriend Makes Me Happy

So I was questioning my sexuality a few years back and I actually had a lot of internalized homophobia, so I hated myself for quite a bit of time. I’ve come to terms with myself and my identity, and I’ve finally accepted myself. I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in ages.

But anyway, I’m actually dating a girl now, and even though I’m still pretty young (some say I’m too young to know I’m a lesbian but whatever), I’m so so so happy right now. I’m not out to my parents though, so we’re kind of tiptoeing around which is not good, but I don’t know how my parents would react. So when I’m ready I’ll tell them.

My girlfriend makes me so happy. Whenever we spend time together, I just feel so much better. Everything about her is amazing, flaws and all. Kissing her, cuddles, butterflies in my stomach. Oh gosh.

I’m going to cherish my youth and my identity for as long as I can.

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