My 9 year crush

I have had a crush on a dude since i was 9 !!! Iam 18 now and it still hasn’t gone away! I can’t be with him , it’s impossible
He lives far far away and i have actually seen him only a couple of times in the span of 9 years but I just can’t get him out of my head. He used to be sweet and kind but the last time i saw him he was Just different, angry all the time and aggressive but i still like him.
I have never told him about my feelings and never will, i was already scared of his reaction and now knowing how angry and toxic he his iam terrified of his reaction. so i will just keep my feelings to myself and wait for the day that I won’t feel the same.
I haven’t had any interactions with him for a year now because he blocked me on all of his social media platforms for no reason at all, I swear iam not clingy nor annoying , hell iam scared to say hi so how on earth would I annoy him

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  1. Uh-uh. If he blocked you, he wasn’t a gentleman to begin with. If he knew you loved him in a way, he would’ve not broken your way of connecting with him. Start fresh, spice things up, and you’ll have a good time. 🙂

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