We broke up a year ago… I did everything I could for her and her kids. She broke up with me for some dead beat egomaniac. We stayed friends, I couldn’t let go. She had a child with that guy 2 months ago, he left 6 months ago. I’ve been helping out since then.

We were talking while I was rocking her child, while she goes on about “I love him, how can he do this to us” “that cheating bastard makes me so mad.” She tells me something about her ex husband and the last time they were together. She tells me when that happened… After some thought I realized it was while we were together.

I adore this woman and her children… I told her I did the math, but I’ve still been there for them. She just started seeing some other poor sap recently, I can’t catch a break here… I don’t know if I want to scream at her, kiss her, or jump off a bridge… One or more will happen soon… Because I can’t let her go… She’s a part of me…

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