I’m clingy

I have a life long crush on one of my good friends. I’ve known her since childhood, and she’s super fun as well as super supportive. I tried to get over it a few times, but the feelings kept crawling back into my heart. You could say I’m obsessed. We’re not together though, she turned me down a while ago. I recently started feeling more lonely than usual, and even though I’m super picky, there are still a few other girls that entice me. I kinda want to try to ask someone out (someone that hasn’t turned me down yet). But every time I consider the idea, my mind subconsciously rejects it. That friend is basically the love of my life, I feel like I’d be betraying my true feelings if I’ll try to be with someone else, even though I know I’m probably never gonna be with her. Even if I do start going out with someone else, I don’t think I’d be able to hold a relationship when another girl is in the back of my mind almost 24/7. The best thing is probably to let go. Entirely and properly. But how do I do that????

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  1. What you need to do is allow yourself to be yourself. How are you ever going to how a relationship is like until you get into one? If this girl is never going to happen why would it matter to her what you do with life. Just do you, done stress about love and relationships. It will come natural,
    think less and do more

  2. this exact same thing is happening to me and it honestly sucks. Just remeber theres someone for everyone even if you dont meet taht someone for years you will x

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