I need advice

I have this friend. He’s absolutely amazing, he’s gorgeous and the biggest sweetheart. I recently got the biggest crush on him which was super weird because even though he’s amazing I never saw him that way. My crush was short lived since he has always had the biggest crush on my bestfriend, so seeing how much he’s into her put me off.
My friend group often sleep in the same bed since we’re at each other’s houses so much. We’ve slept next to each other plenty times, he’s always chosen to cuddle my friend (platonically).
But the last time I slept next to him, we slept facing each other and he cuddled his head to my chest. Having him so close to my breasts made my breathing hitch, he noticed and started rubbing my back under my shirt and inching closer to under my breasts and lower down my hips.
I can’t explain to you how aroused I was. Now I can’t stop thinking about him. He’s currently hooking up with random girls and going on dates, which funnily enough doesn’t bother me be because I just want him to be happy.
But being around him is driving me crazy. Should I hint to him that I’m starting to develop feelings or should I wait for this to pass?

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