I Fell In Love And I Hate Myself For It

Hello, I’m a straight white North American male and my life is too easy so my brain creates its own problems just to f**k with me. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always hated the stupid movie cliche where person X and person Y like each other, but they’re both too awkward to say anything to the other. Long story short I became person X. This girl is a meme junkie like I am, and I know, I KNOW she likes me, but I’m too awkward to say anything. I also just ended a 3 year long relationship with another girl and swore to never get my heart broken again, and in the process became essentially Asexual. Then comes along my feelings for person Y. She also goes to another school, her friends and family hate my guts, and I’m just a garbage individual. There are just too many complications. I don’t know if they’re real problems that I should consider ignoring my emotions for, or if I’m just making excuses subconsciously to avoid another heartbreak. Anyway, free therapy session over, I have wrists to slit.

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