I’ve been talking with “A” for well over a year now. It all started when he messaged me on Instagram one day, shortly after I started following him. Since then, we’ve never stopped talking. I consider him my best friend both online and irl. I trust him with everything. I love learning more about him, and he’s always there for me when I need him. He makes me forget all the bad things in the World around me, and makes me feel bright and bubbly! I’ve liked him Christmas last year, and recently expressed my feelings to him. I’m not quite sure if he feels the same way, but it’s fine. His friendship is more than I deserve as it is. He’s also an ARMY, and his bias is Jimin. He’s so selfless, and sweet, always putting others before himself. His earrings are the cutest. He knows more about me than some of my irl friends, tbh. What he doesn’t know, is how much I miss him whenever he’s offline. He’s one of the few people, who puts up with me everyday and somehow manages to make me feel as if I’m special and have value. He knows about my social anxiety, and doesn’t judge my 4D personality. Some of our conversations are short and simple, while others go deeper than the ocean itself. I appreciate him, beyond words and am so lucky to have him in my life. The Jimin to my Namjoon. 💜

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