My best friend has a crush on this guy and she told me about him before summer break. Me and her crush are actually neighbours, Me and my bff are opiost to her crush, We are quiet girls who no one really pays attention to we dont suck at sport we actually pretty good but we aint popular. My friends crush though is very popular and good at everything we use to be bestfriends when we kids cuz we always been neighbours but we drifted during middle school since it become clear that he was all da girls craving!! He was still very very nice to me though and we always came very close on summer hoildays but I have to admit I kinda liked him but not in love. During summer we hung out everyday as usal summers but this time he was a different kind of kind. When I snuck out of my house with him he took me to a secret spot that his mum showed him when he was little (unfortunatly his mum died from breast cancer) then while we were lying down he kissed me, He told me that he loved me and the reasoning he never had a gf was because he was waiting for me to say something to him. I glowed because I loved him too!! We became a thing but never called each other bf or gf then the nxt day our parents went to work and I went over to his house. He said he wanted to lose his V-card to me he started kissing me and BOOM i lost my v-card we did it very constantly and at the most random places….One week before sumer break ended we did it at my living rm and to no suprise my bestfriend saw through the window. She came in and started swearing and asking how could i do this to her. We have never talked since. Im now d8ing my bffs crush and have become popular but I honestly want her back. Its been 2 years now and even being the same class we never talk.

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