A question for Husbands and Wives

We’re anonymous here. Nothing to prove to anyone. No moral, social or religious watchdogs. Now, between us:
do you REALLY think you will manage to stay faithful to your spouse for the rest of your life? Forever?
If you still really think you can, could you care to explain your secret????

5 Replies to “A question for Husbands and Wives

  1. View it as a covenant in God’s eyes, and read the whole of Old Testament and see what happens when people (God’s people Israel) break covenants with God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It also boils down commitment to choosindg to love and o right by them.

    1. … I thought I did state “ignore for a minute that a deity, or society, or anyone is looking. Boil it down to simply two human beings and their feelings versus their needs”.
      Is it really so impossible to grasp? To imagine your own reaction as a human being, free of structures? OK, I must be in the wrong site.

  2. I most definitely can. I dont know if its just born in me or what. I was 15 and wanting to have that certain someone i can share the rest of my life with. To me, i treat my wife the way i want to be treated. I love spending time with her. We were best of friends before we were married. I just couldnt see myself with anyone else.

  3. I’ve been divorced twice. Do you know why? Besides me marrying at a very young age because I was having a child with my then girlfriend, and the second time, I married someone who was a sociopath (didn’t know it at the time) because she was going to have my child and was an undocumented immigrant. Yeah – I sound pretty stupid with the fool me twice thing.
    But do you know what rang in my head over and over?

    That question man…will it last forever.

    I think – in my extremely long history of relationships – lies closer to what Tim says above, but the key is – there’s only a certain time where this would be a frame of mind where you’d accept this – loving your best friend mentality and psychologically. AND on top of it – its really not meant for every single human to be monogamous forever. As a matter of fact, there are many successful relationships that have embraced the fact that the other partner has attractions – emotionally, physically, intellectually, and psychologically – to other people. I’m not saying they do the cake and eat it too routine, they are just honest with each other about it – whether they agree to branch out or not. Look – I get the experiment. I often ask the same thing. But…there’s soooo many factors out there to consider in your question that it just makes it not easy to answer. Which, in turn, is one of the main things that makes marriage such a large task to begin with. Which is why young people (IMHO) should never ever get married with the precept of “forever”. Major MAJOR mistake – even if the love is true and superbly wonderful.

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