I puked underwater while snorkeling in the sea

It was my first snorkeling trip. We hopped onto the speedboat after lunch and everything was fine until we stopped at the snorkelling area in the middle of the sea. The sea was not rough but the boat kept on moving up and down with the swell and I felt a bit nauseous and seasick because of the boat’s motion. I felt like vomiting but I tried my best to hold it back thinking that my seasickness will go away when I go into the water.

But..no, quite the opposite. My seasickness was getting worse and it was just a matter of time before I throw up. I tried to move away from the group hoping that no one will see me vomiting. Only my ever loyal girlfriend followed me closely without knowing anything about my condition at the time. After snorkeling together for a while, I told her that I wasn’t feeling well, and I needed to vomit. And vomit I did, right in front of her, underwater, while we were snorkeling half way. She was totally shocked and quickly moved away from the vomit. I was shocked too because I didn’t know it was possible to vomit underwater.

The next thing on my mind was what happen to the vomit? Will it float to the other guests? Luckily, the vomit got diffused and dissolved in the sea almost instantly, with the help of some fishes as well. I thought everything was fine now, BUT NO! My seasickness was not going away. I felt like vomiting again and this time I didn’t feel like doing it in the sea. So I swam to the nearby land, walked slowly and naturally on the beach so that I don’t attract any attention and looked for a good spot to throw up. I found this good spot on the beach which was near the sea water and next to a huge stone. It was the perfect spot for me because it was secluded and the seawater would probably reach this spot to wash away the vomit when the tide rises. Then I quickly dug a hole and did my business there, and then covered them up with sands. Felt much better after throwing up this time. I quickly moved back to the sea, pretended nothing happened and continue snorkeling.

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