I had been sleeping with my ex again on and off for a few months when I noticed a red sore on my v***na. I went to the health department and was treated for syphilis. I felt like shit about the entire thing because we had experienced an STI before when we had broken up about 2-3 years earlier. Both STI infections were from him as I was clean and monogamous during anytime I was sexually active with him. It was curable thank God, and I have been treated for the syphilis. Since then, I have a fear of men even flirting with me. I go to the doctor in October to be retested for syphilis and have an annual check for it also. It is all so embarrassing and puts a fear in my heart of men in general. I don’t even let anyone close enough to take me out on a date now. I’m completely horrified of anything worse or having to discuss my disgraceful past.

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