I’m Pan…

My parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses and I keep slipping up on things and giving hints that I don’t only like guys. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve mentioned other gay people to them before and it seems my entire family is homophobic. I’m terrified of what they will do. They mentioned that one way to cure homosexuality is electro-shock therapy. I think they might send me away, too…

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  1. That is not the way of a JW. We are told to love all people, and definitely not he harsh when it comes to other people’s lifestyles. We are told to be loving, regardless of if we support it or not. I suggest you tell them that, and go to the congregation elders for counsel. Even though being LGBT is not biblical, your family should not be any less loving.

    If you want to follow that path, then go for it.
    Electroshock therapy is pretty illegal, I’m sure.
    But if that’s how you are, then why be afraid?

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