I think my relationship will be ruined

I first met my boyfriend 4 months ago and things have been going well. We are both 20, and he lives away from home as he is at university far from where he and I grew up. My parents do not want me away from home so I still live with them. However, my mum does not allow me to go out very often and I feel this is causing difficulties with my boyfriend, who wants to see me more often. I want to see him as well but I am unable to. I am worried he is angry at me or will leave me because of this. What can I do?

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  1. True love is the one which can stand the test of distance and time and still stay strong. I know you want to see him more often, maybe you can start by letting your family knows that you are in a relationship with this boy and tell them that you will be going out more often to see him. Just talk nicely with your parents and I am sure they will understand, they were once young afterall. They probably worried about your safety and as long as you let them know what you are doing out there, I think they will be more likely to let you go out. Good luck.

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