truth 101: beauty

I am u g l y. point period blank. it doesn’t help that all the other women in my family somehow look like goddesses and I got a mixed disaster. my mom is Gorgeous and I would kill to look like her but i’m told I look like my dad and I have to say “thanks” even though i’m not thankful at all. you know what I got from him?? a Beak of a nose, bad teeth we don’t have money to fix, frizzy ass curly ass unimaginable ass hair we don’t have money to care for, fat ass body cause of slow metabolism (I work out and eat right it’s 10x slower). my sister looks just like my mom her perfect nose and lips and eyebrows. I can’t stand when someone talks bad about themselves when i’m around. I physically have to walk away cause they’re ALWAYS PERFECT. i’m done

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