So I´m 16 and I live in small town. I´ve been in depression for abou a half year.I can’t help myself but I feel just stuck in place when noone understands and love me.I dont have friends or someone who cares about me.Every day I come home from school,do my homework and then just scroll through instagram of facebook and I see all people that I know having fun or going out with friends.Then there is me just sitting,crying and feeling lonely because the only one who will spent time with me or be happy about my existence is my dog…And I just really dont know what to do..

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  1. Hi, I am sorry to hear that you are feeling lonely and not sure what to do. To be honest, I used to feel that way. I was in this new place and as a shy person, I have problems making friends. I felt so lonely and sad. In the end, I talked about this issue with my family and they said instead of focusing on making friends, I should focus on positivity and doing things I enjoy.

    You see, I was always being negative, thinking that people may not like me, thinking that I maybe causing problems to others if I tag along, thinking that people will find me weird, thinking that they don’t want me to be here, basically overthinking about everything. When I walk, I always look at the ground instead of looking at the people. I never really smile and my face always look gloomy. All these little little stuff was spreading negative energy that prevented others from approaching me. I was so determined to stop the negativity. To be honest, it was tough in the beginning, but eventually, I stopped overthinking, I smiled more, I made more eye contacts with people, I greeted people first. And guess what, people are starting to pay more attention to me and respond to me.

    In addition, I also started spending more time doing things I enjoy, such as playing basketball. That’s where I met some of my best friends and we got along really fast since we share the same hobby. And before I knew it, I was involved in more and more activities, and everything is falling into place perfectly.

    So the point here is by loving yourself more, surrounding yourself with positivity, doing things that you enjoy, you will get yourself a good bunch of friends and most importantly a happier life.

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