Somethings wrong with me

No one can ever tell when I’m upset. I don’t open up about my emotions a lot. I’m normally a very energetic happy person. But when I do try to open up people think I’m joking and start laughing. I don’t know how to express myself when I’m sad. And then when I get frustrated at them joking and tell them I’m sad I don’t like their attention and I don’t want them to touch me.

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  1. Your obviously not use to sharing and they clearly suck at comforting people. Sometimes the best comfort is to just listen, no hugging not asking if there okay 24/7 but listening and maybe you could tell them that. Everyone thinks that when you’re comforting a person you should i’ve them all your attention and hug them but there are many ways of comforting, you should tell them which one is best for you and slowly work on getting attached with your emotions , I was the same for most of high school and middle school but senior year i really started working on it and now people say they can really tell how i’m feeling now so ask how others see your emotions because the funny happy friend is always the saddest one

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